FTP Backup FAQ

Q. What is the FTP backup storage service?

A. The FTP backup storage provides RAID protected storage space for storing off-server backups for dedicated servers

Q. How can I access the FTP backup storage?

A. The backup storage is only accessible over FTP. 

Q. Does transferring data between the backup storage count toward my bandwidth allocation?

A. If you have the backup storage option setup for a server, it will be attached to our backup network. Any traffic over this network does not count toward your bandwidth allocation.

Q. Does transferring data to the backup server slow down my internet traffic?

A. As long as your backups are done utilizing the backup network, the internet traffic speeds will not be affected. 

Q. How secure are my backups?

A. By default, the backups are only accessible over the private backup network and cannot be accessed over the internet. You can enable public internet access for the backups, but this is not recommended. 


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